Quality Management

The personal touches we provide and our solid 52 years of experience help to maintain a satisfied membership.



We are committed to the practice of quality condominium management. While our competitors boast of their size and stature, our mission is to provide the best customer service available in the industry.


VMS Software

Our property management-specific VMS accounting software is specialized to provide industry standard financial reporting and tracking you can rely on.


Fast & Friendly Response

We have a better “Manager to Property” ratio than most property management firms so our quality team responds to Association requests at a much faster pace than our competition.

Professional Community Managers – Not Property Management Dabblers

It is all about you and your community… Unlike many other management firms, we do not dabble in rentals or commercial building management.

Our competitors like to boast of their size and stature, but our proven business model allows us to provide the most timely and efficient customer service available to our Condominium and Homeowner Associations — providing great value to Associations.

Management Focused On You

There are 2 types of property management philosophies: “Boots on the Ground,” and “Manage Behind a Desk.” Some of our competitors load property after property on their managers, allowing them to provide reasonably inexpensive prices — but highly ineffective, “Behind a Desk” service.

We limit the number of properties in each Manager’s portfolio so we can be “Boots on the Ground,” creating an environment to build strong relationships with Association Boards and provide proactive support to residents. Ultimately, this creates safe, well-maintained, and financially healthy communities with increasing property values and happy Co-owners.

Your Community's Quality Team

We provide a Senior Property Manager for each community, supported by at least one Associate Property Manager, an Administrative Manager, and a team of specialists.

The Senior Property Manager reports to the Board of Directors and attends to duties onsite and at Board meetings. The Associate Property Managers additional oversight of onsite vendors and maintenance services.

The Team works together to manage the Association in accordance with Board directives, the Bylaws, and the Master Deed, and in the event that the Senior Manager is unavailable (due to an illness or vacation), the Associate — who understands your site — will step in to seamlessly provide support.

Supporting Staff

Our highly trained, courteous staff also includes Financial Managers, Administrative Assistants, and Inspectors to assist Co-owners with maintenance issues and financial questions.

We understand Co-owners want to speak to a real person instead of dealing with an automated attendant or email abyss. Our support staff assists residents with a professional, polite, personal touch.

Properly and Promptly Caring For Your Community

Our screening process ensures that our Associations receive bids and work from properly licensed and insured professionals who have an established record of delivering timely and high-quality results to their customers.

After our staff promptly lines up screened contractors to complete Association maintenance or repair issues, our Property Managers or Inspectors follow up to ensure projects were completed to a quality standard.

Our 24-hour emergency service allows us to respond to a crisis like a power outage, sewer backup, or flood promptly and effectively.

For larger projects – like landscaping, roof replacements, or road repairs – we draft specifications utilizing the licensed professionals on our staff, and from our network of landscaping, building, engineering, and environmental specialists.

Your Association and Metro Group Management

If you are on the Board of Directors at your Condominium Association or HOA, we invite you to schedule a no-obligation consultation and find out how Metro Group Management can help your Association thrive. Just fill out the box on the right side of the page, or call us at (248) 745-7100.


You, Kathy, Jason, Tezza, Erica,
just everyone I have spoken with or crossed paths with has been so wonderful
and supportive during a difficult time…

  The experience, guidance and
professionalism that is being brought to Country Glens is just such a wonderful
relief. Kathy has absolutely been so helpful as our property manager, so easy
to communicate with… So my most sincere thank you and appreciation.

January 8, 2020


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